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Armadillo Vault, Beyond Bending Exhibition, 

Block Research Group, ETHZ

Ochsendorf DeJong & Block, The Escobedo Group

Venice Architecture Biennale Italy, 2016

The Armadillo Vault embodies the beauty of compression made possible through geometry. Its shape comes from the same structural and constructional principles as the stone cathedrals of the past, enhanced and extended by computation and digital fabrication.

The Armadillo Vault represents the close collaboration of engineers, designers, and skilled masons throughout the entire process. It is the culmination of more than 10 years of research in stone structure.



Structural design & Architectural geometry: Block Research Group, ETH Zurich - Philippe Block, Tom Van Mele, Matthias Rippmann, Edyta Augustynowicz, Cristián Calvo Barentin, Tomás Méndez Echenagucia, Mariana Popescu, Andrew Liew, Anna Maragkoudaki, Ursula Frick

Structural engineering: Ochsendorf DeJong & Block (ODB Engineering) - Matthew DeJong, John Ochsendorf, Philippe Block, Anjali Mehrotra

Fabrication & Construction: The Escobedo Group - David Escobedo, Matthew Escobedo, Salvador Crisanto, John Curry, Francisco Tovar Yebra, Joyce I-Chin Chen, Adam Bath, Hector Betancourt, Luis Rivera, Antonio Rivera, Carlos Rivera, Carlos Zuniga Rivera, Samuel Rivera, Jairo Rivera, Humberto Rivera, Jesus Rosales, Dario Rivera

Concept and Design: Selina Reiterer,
in Collaboration with TISCA Rugs

Sound design: Oliver Maklott, Selina Reiterer
Development: Oliver Maklott

Photography: Petra Rainer, Anna Maragkoudaki, Selina Reiterer
with support by CAAD/ETH Zürich and Bildrecht/Bildraum Bodensee

Material: Bekaert
Camera: Anna Maragkoudaki
Editing: Anna Maragkoudaki

For more infos and projects around the sonic rug visit:

A research project funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts & Culture and the Ministry of Arts & Culture Vorarlberg. © 2016

Video Credits
Camera:Anna Maragkoudaki, Achilleas Xydis

Editing: Anna Maragkoudaki, Selina Reiterer

Sound: Constantinos Miltiadis / StudioAny

Starring: Vasco, Beda

Special thanks to: Anna Maragkoudaki, Achilleas Xydis, Alina Kvirkveliya, Nikola Marincic, Dan McGregor

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