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Edition 1: 2020

Edition 2: 2023 @ Umbo


Warm Up Wave

°Psyxotek/ΨΥΧΟΤΕΚ [live]
ΨΥΧΟΤΕΚ (@psyxotek) is the audiovisual project of Panagiotis Tomaras that encapsulates the nostalgic hues of experimental cinema, fusing them with synthwave themes, 90’s jungle sound and sonic gestures of the underground techno scene.
Panagiotis Tomaras began his music career in 2013 performing worldwide as a line-up member of the legendary electronic group Clock DVA. This inspired him to create his personal projects Ηχοτοπία (@ixotopia) and Κυματική Αθηνών (@kymaticathens) which he later on, in 2022 merged under the ΨΥΧΟΤΕΚ alias.
Tomaras has released 4 LP’s and 2 EP’s under the record labels Inner Ear and Phormix Athens and also participated on the Clock DVA release "Clock 2" under the Anterior Research Media Comm label.

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primitive music for primitive people

Basic-Space is a Zurich based DJ and radio/music producer active via  Paranoise Radio and local venues. Vinyl lover with a passion for bass music , constantly digging and looking to reach the line that strikes the balance between depth and dancefloor.


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