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The Sambou Toura Drame school proposal focuses on a holistic circular approach to familiarize students with the notions of recycling, reuse and cooperation.

Water-harvesting techniques, turning the school waste into ash, using it to produce compost from the toilets to fertilize a small orchard and coral, will instill in the children a sense of responsibility for their school community. 

The structures are organized along the boundary of the plot to leave free space for an internal courtyard and play, protected from the exterior. 

The construction aims to use locally sourced materials that will decrease the embodied carbon of the project and enable locals to build with natural, local materials. Bamboo and clay soil are native to Africa and can be accessed easily. Brick classroom ornaments, woven bamboo panels and traditional Kente sun-shading cloths aim to involve the children and women of the community in the construction of the elementary school.

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