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Installation, 2023

Collaboration with Nicolas Schaltegger and Achilleas Xydis

Curators: Pia Simmendinger, Alicia Olmos, Nadine Jäger, Andrea Ramseyer

Project: We transform an unused bath cabin into an immersive space of intimacy. The space invites the visitor to develop a gentle relationship with it, one that transcends the edges of the unconscious. The void defined by its boundaries is filled with sounds, mysteries, and myths of the Self. The cabin is to be entered alone. Visitors can touch and discover, meditate, whatever feels right.

Space: Located on Hohlstrasse Zurich Altstetten are the workshops of the main SBB Maintenance Depot. In the next few years, this inner-city industrial area will be transformed into an urban space for small businesses, as well as a hub for culture and art. The former welfare house, featuring a large basement space with showers and bathrooms, remains part of the historical site to this day. Before the building is renovated and given a new purpose, we plan to take this final opportunity to temporarily return the washroom to its former charm, through artistic interpretation. In March 2023 the exhibition titled Leaving Behind – Letting Go. Sensuousness in a Tiled Washroom will take place, featuring a variety of visual art interventions in the space, including installation, performance, photography, and other media.

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