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Time-based Installation proposal for the 

Biennale svizzera del territorio 2024

Fantasms is a time-based installation that calls the viewer to extrapolate their perception of the physical. The biomaterial surfaces, supported by the ‘ikriomata’, naturally and gradually degrade with rain by the environmental conditions of the location until, by the end of the exhibition, completely disappear.


Challenging Aristotle’s pictographical notion of ‘phantasmata’1 as well as the notion of a static mental image itself, the installation is an exercise in a gradient of imagination. The visitors in the beginning of October are called to imagine the advanced state of the installation, where the bioplastic is melting or have melted completely, while the visitors closer to the end of the month must imagine the material still intact.  


1 Aristotle, De Anima iii 3, 429a2–4; cf. De Sensu 1, 437a3–17; 3, 439b6


The installation consists of four objects placed in the garden of the Villa Saroli. These comprise of a metal skeleton, the ‘ikrioma’, a temporary scaffolding, and surfaces made of water-soluble biomaterials (agar, glycerin, and others) which let the rain of the site disintegrate them during this one month of the exhibition. The objects are transportable, fastened to the ground with stakes, and placed in the open space defined by the garden's flora. They resemble children’s playground equipment to juxtapose an archetypical architectural object, specifically one that represents the future, with the impossibility of actual usage, commenting on the present we have collectively created.  

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